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"Thank you so much for your beautiful work on Tuesday. For months (before seeing you), I would come home from work and start crying because I felt so insecure about my skin. I was so frustrated and didn't know how to help it. I have felt so empowered after my appointment because I now know a bit about what's going on.  I've been using the Glo products twice a day and so far, I've found that they're not at all aggravating. My skin finally feels fresh again and is looking healthier (and happier!) every day."   Sophia A.


"Thank you so much Monica for helping me get all dolled up for prom!  I had such a good time and felt beautiful the entire time thanks to your awesome beauty skills.  I'll definetly be contacting you in the future (senior photos)."  Rachel B.


"I feel nutured and relaxed when receiving facials at Spatacular Skin...Monica's skill and personality are a joy!  I have been extremely satisfied using facial care products from Monica - she is responsive and makes prompt product adjustments based on any Qs/changes/concerns.  On my last visit, I tried something I hadn't done in many years - a professional make-up applicaton.  Monica was very accommodating with scheduling me on short notice.  She had exciting suggestions to change up my usual routine to create a unique look for a big event.  I highly recommend taking time out to feel refreshed and pampered by Monica at Spatacular Skin!"  Jennifer K.


"Before I came to Spatacular Skin, I had never had a facial. I have had acne and overall "bad skin" all my life, and was always afraid to get a facial. I spoke with Monica about it, and she suggested an "express" facial as a trial to see if I liked it. It was fantastic! I've had several more from Monica over the past year or so, and when I visited my dermatologist, she told me that the facials were really helping make my skin look good.  I decided to visit Spatacular Skin because I bought a Groupon for waxing. Monica was so nice and did such a great job that I decided to return for other services. Getting services from Spatacular Skin has given me a greater sense of confidence about my skin and made me realize how important it is to take care of my skin. I would recommend Spatacular Skin to everyone, but especially someone who might be hesitant to get "spa" services. Monica is so nice and will answer any and all questions you have. It's like going to see an old friend while getting pampered at the same time. It's not intimidating or overwhelming; you just look and feel great when you're done".  Tina G.


"Before I came to Spatacular Skin, I was seeing a dermatologist for acne. I was taking antibiotics and using prescription medication to reduce my acne.  I decided to visit Spatacular Skin because I got a groupon and after my first teen facial realized the extreme benefits I received from the treatment.  Getting services from Spatacular Skin has given me much healthier skin and knowledge about skin. I have gone off all of the prescription medication I had been taking to reduce acne and follow the fantastic advice of Monica.  I would recommend Spatacular Skin to anyone and everyone. Not only are Monica's services a natural and healthy alternative to more invasive routes to skincare, they are also delightful to experience. Monica has concocted the perfect mixture of friendliness, professionalism and talent to make the experience wonderful".  Hannah C.


"Before I came to Spatacular Skin, I had never had a facial and wasn't sure what to expect.  I decided to visit Spatacular Skin because my skin was showing the signs of age as I entered my 50's.  Getting services from Spatacular Skin has been a wonderful experience.  Monica is incredibly knowledgeable and her business is very professional yet personal.  I have recommended her highly to other women, who are close to me.   I would recommend Spatacular Skin to anyone I care about and have compete trust that she would care for their skin with the skill and knowledge I have experienced".  Rosie F.


"Before I came to Spatacular Skin, I didn't really understand the importance of taking care of my skin. Over the years, I've struggled with acne and combination skin. I experimented with way too many products without having much success.  I decided to visit Spatacular Skin because I was seeking skin-care education and hoped to find a product line that worked for me. Monica is a huge supporter of the local community, so when I had the chance to bid on a Spatacular spa package at a charity auction, I jumped at the chance.  Getting services from Spatacular Skin has given me a clearer, more smooth and even complexion. Monica keeps up on the latest skin-care information, and usually has tips or product recommendations to try. She's even given away complimentary samples so I can sample certain products before investing in them. Not to mention, facials with Monica are extremely relaxing and give you the chance to unwind and escape.  I would recommend Spatacular Skin to just about anyone! She has a full line of great services and products. I've even purchased a gift card for my mom because I knew she'd love it as much as I did"!  Katie B.


"Instant relaxation overcomes me when I get on to Monica's oh so comfortable table. If I'm not asleep (!) I totally enjoy Monica's perfect touch, the lovely botanical aromas and soothing music. As if this isn't enough, my skin glows from the weather and skin appropriate treatment I receive. This is a delightful treat for a very reasonable price".   Janice W.
"I was thinking today that I don't even remember the last time I had a blemish! I used to get them all along my jawline and chin...I was Zenoing myself constantly. Now...nothing. I even went through all the pregnancy hormones without a single breakout! Soooo glad you helped me see the light!"  Erin D.
"Monica was super nice. Facial was great, very relaxing. Thought it was great when she was done she gave me recommedations for my skin (type of cleanser, moisturizers)."  Living Social Comment
"With my fair complexion I always had trouble with a red complexion and Monica has helped tone down the redness with products as well as occasional facials. She also helps find products to protect and keep my skin healthy.  I appreciate her professionalism and warm, friendly atmosphere."  Leslie K.
"Thank you for your awesome makeup skills, you did an amazing job with it. Thank you for being a part of our wedding day." 
Ross & Ann
"My skin looked amazing after my facial! It was definitely more firm and improved the sagging of my jaw line. My daughters said I looked younger! I appreciated that Monica did not push any of her products, but I loved the products she uses. I will definitely become a regular client. I can't wait until my next appointment in a few weeks!"  Groupon Comment
"Hello Monica - Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my facial with you. By the time I left I felt so relaxed and cared for! You have a very calming manner about you."  Groupon Comment



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